Friday, April 06, 2007

April Showers

Are we still blogging? I have no idea what is going on. I do not understand what we were supposed to do to our blogs. I haven't taken my blog down because I do not care if anyone reads it from the district. I mean, I haven't said anything that gives my school away. I am slaving away at the portfolio project which you can view here: www.amyleeteachingportfolio.wetpaint.com

I am having fun but I wish I would have videotaped and taken more pictures. I realize this way to late in the game and I am kicking myself. As always....

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Lately, I have been feeling run down at school. I feel like I become a different person while I am there. I smile and I laugh and I try my best to make my students do work and enjoy it. Yet, I am out of ideas and so thoroughly annoyed with the constant schedule changes that I feel like a deflated balloon. My principal has changed the bell schedule three times. I am absolutely ready to yell at this man! The students know that their school is insane and so do the teachers. We all drudge through the day waiting for the P.A to release us. He has cancelled the last school dance due to behavior problems. I do not feel that I can make a difference here. Besides what goes on in my classroom, I have no control or say in how the students are treated in other classes or how decisions affect them. I would say that this makes me want to be an administrator—but I am not a fool. I know that people are yelling at the principal and he is worried about his job. However there are people who can deal with the pressure. Why did I leave the Delta?

First years-- do not leave your school for Jackson. The grass is not greener!