Saturday, February 03, 2007

Why did I leave the Delta?

I am terribly unhappy at my current school. I am not sure how the heck any one administrator could make my life such pure hell. We have had a meeting until 5pm every “blessed” day. Yes, 5pm. Everyone is upset. Worse yet is that these meeting do not help the students or the school. Why? Well, all the time spent on telling teachers to have more interactive and exciting lesson plans could be spent on—you guessed it—lesson plans. I am not so sure that my principal actually understands how angry he is making the teachers. He has even cancelled tutoring to have these meetings! The nerve. I do not understand how anyone is really that stupid. I don’t get it. He spent about thirty minutes talking about how easily we can be replaced and yet the other 7th grade language arts teacher he fired has had THREE teachers walk out after only teaching for two or three days. Those poor students. He will never find a replacement. Most of the good teachers have already started looking for other jobs. I wish I had not left the Delta. At least the principal didn’t try to make life harder than it already is at school.


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