Monday, February 05, 2007


Here are my goals from last year’s spring break (yes I have already started thinking about spring break):

1. Finish Grading 3 days

2. Plan next quarter 2 days

3. Classroom management strategies 1 day

4. Clean House (ongoing)

5. Clean (thoroughly) and arrange classroom 1 day

6. Budget 3 hours

7. Fill out Visa forms for Papus1 day

8. Vaccinations in Memphis (papus) 1 day

9. Catch up on sleep (on going)

10. Clean spare room/Clean office and arrange books 1 day

Here are my current goals for Spring Break:

1. Sleep (on going)

2. Watch Movies and television

3. Find a job for next year

Quite a difference. I am actually going to try and relax!


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