Friday, January 12, 2007

January Blog

January Blog 1: How do you feel about blogging?

I have always felt funny about blogging for a number of reasons. It feels strange to put yourself out on the world wide web when the experiences of teacher corps are quite personal. I also think that my shifting audience of a personal journal slash prospective MCT participants slash random hits from google searches is a absolutely absurd combination. I think it may be good for a laugh after I leave Mississippi, but I then I think it may be good for a cry. I do not like being told to blog. I hope that people do read the blogs if they are interesting in applying for teacher corps. I mean some of the details of our blogs are quite revealing about life in MTC. I also hope that the first years can read them and not have to feel so lonely. I have enjoyed reading other teacher’s blogs—especially last year. I was thankful that some people were honest about their experiences. I felt pretty alone last year and blogs were one way of staying connected.


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