Sunday, December 03, 2006

There are things to do...

While living in the Clarksdale my husband and I went to almost every business there. We were always looking for places that felt comfortable. Our favorite place by far was Ground Zero in Clarksdale. Especially when there were not very many people (almost any weekday and some low key weekends). There you can play pool for free. Unless you decide to bet money on your game with some very talented pool sharks. It has a fun relaxed atmosphere. What was nice about Ground Zero was that it felt as if we weren't in Clarksdale. There are people that come from all over to visit and work there. It is fun to look at the graffiti and just chill. The "heat" of the Delta's racism can really be overwhelming in almost any place of business-- and at Ground Zero everything and everybody was chill. I highly recommend going there. Also right down the street is a little organic and plant store that also serves coffee and fresh baked goods. I also liked escaping there. Mostly what I learned after many various explorations was that I had to make where I lived an excellent place to hang out. Really, it is very necessary. There are no movie theaters (unless you want to see ALL of your students at once). Buy a used couch, plants, rugs, etc-- make your living room the place to be and relax. Light candles at dinner and play soothing music. That is what saved me last year.

Now living in Jackson, I am still exploring places that are fun. I live in the Fondren area and there are some pretty neat restaurants right up the street. Aladdin (730 Lakeland Drive,) is an Arabic restaurant that has a great atmosphere and is fairly inexpensive (around 6-7 dollars)-- they also have good veggie friendly meals. There is a coffee house called cups down the street from the middle eastern restaurant that is nice as well. Not that I really have time to go to these places often, but once in awhile we venture out of the routine. I feel like I have less time to explore than last year (which seems impossible), but the paperwork of JPS is unbelievable. I have very little advice-- other than there are plenty of esay options-- movies, bowling, bars, etc.


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