Sunday, December 03, 2006


It has been awhile since I had a good rant about the school that I work in. Arg. I am so tired of the all of the bs surrounding the school district and school I work in. Interestingly enough, the topics in our leadership class seem quite pertinent to the everyday problems I encounter. Why is everyone only worried about self-preservation? I swear the school that I work in could be a great school if only people were not worried about their jobs/careers. Can you imagine this being your only motivation to teach or serve an administrative role? In the field of education or in any field-- how do people like this function? Do they go home and relax and not worry about their detriment on society? If my only motivation to be a teacher was keeping my job-- my students would not learn anything. I would turn in all paperwork on time, even if I didn't understand what my "boss" wanted. I would never question the reasons behind changes, and I would never object to anything because my students and my classroom would be the last thing on my mind. I am soooo overly tired of ridiculousness. The district wants every middle school classroom to look exactly the same and no one seems to mind that this mold may or may not fit every teacher or every student. NONE of the suggestions I have received as a teacher have made an impact on my students learning. If anything they have weakened my spirit to teach. Not only that-- these people have the nerve to interrupt instruction to bring in more bullshit. What?????? Coming here, I was certain that I might stay for a while. That was a pipe dream. I want out. I want to stay for my students, but after this year. I am GONE! I respect anyone willing to stay, but I know I could be in other places where I know that I could actually make a difference because the people I work with want the same thing. Most of the faculty and administration don't actually like students or education-- it is just a job and a paycheck. I could never think in those terms. It is education. It is a noble thing, not a monetary thing! At first I was fooled that people were just pretending and that their true motives were pure-- nope. They really do not care about students learning and reaching their potentials.


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