Saturday, September 30, 2006

A few random reflections

I have been thinking a lot about college. I am getting graduate applications together for numerous literature programs. I have been reading old papers and trying to decide which one to rework and submit along with my application. I cannot believe I have kept papers from since high school in my files. Looking back on my own high school experience and the expectations from teachers at a small, rural, and poor school I am shocked that I can read and write. I did run across a letter that I received from Howard University (yes Keila I wanted to go to Howard). Being the only multi-racial family in a small town is an experience that one day, perhaps with old age, and much forgiveness I will be able to discuss. I wrote Howard for a reading list when I was 13 and I just found the letter they wrote back to, along with a list of books that I read except for the last two on the list that the library (or my mom's collection) did not have. Sometimes I think about the times I spent as a child reading and learning and wonder at the cost effectiveness of pursuing a ph.d. However, this is the letter and reading list that started my path to becoming a literature lover.


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