Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Jackson Vs. Delta

I am at a different school with the same problems, but with a little more money and a few smarter people. I wish I could say that on an administration level things were different...but I can't, so I won't. I was way better prepared for the first weeks of school. Way better prepared, I almost felt cocky (sp?) when I held my homeroom class or they messed up the bells. I brushed it off, and kept on teaching as if I knew they were going to ask us to keep the same class for 4 hours. I truly was ready, even though I was very nervous. I went in with very solid procedures, and I had been dreaming about the first days for nearly eleven months (after my dismal first-first days last year). Last year, I was in awe of the problems in my school, my students and their problems, the lack of information given to me by administrators, etc. I was thrown into the fire and I was burnt the rest of the year. I had very good intentions and I worked my ass off, but the start of the year was terrible. Couple that with zero support from administrators (two of them in one year) and you have yourself a volcano. This year, I did have better support and a little more organization, but I was much more confident about what I needed to do. Confidence is something that I didn't have last year (at all). Now, I know what my strengths are because I know how students respond to me. I know (very well ) that I am a "different" teacher. Within in about three days, students knew that I am about business and that I take learning very seriously.

The only thing I was not prepared for was having 40 students in one class-- I would like Mr. Wong to take a crack at controlling students who do not even have desks or a place to sit. Oh and did I mention that 17 of them are self-contained special education students????? Yeah, I forgave myself for having one bad period....


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